The Nest Creative Therapy Center

Krista Reinhardt-ruprecht, MA, SPT™

FOUNDER OF THE NEST, Art Therapist and Play Therapist for Adults and Children

Krista works with children ages 3 and up, doing a variety of play therapy and art therapy with children who have trauma, anxiety or sensory needs. she also works with parents to help them learn to cultivate positive relationships at home and to model healthy coping skills. In addition, Krista works with individual adults transitioning into new life phases, processing trauma, or managing stress and anxiety.

Krista enjoys spending time making art with her daughter, playing with her dog, and watching far too much Netflix with her husband. Sometime she has amazing adventures in her mini-RV, where she likes to find coastal campsites and Canadian lakes. Read the rest of my story here!

phone: 303-815-3984



Kristin van der Poel, MA, LPCC, MFTC, NCC

Individuals, Couples, and family therapist

Kristin focuses her practice on couples struggling with relationship difficulties, individuals struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and families with teens. She practices Emotionally Focused Therapy and is trained in trauma-informed care. 

When she’s not working as a therapist, Kristin enjoys hiking and is working toward completing all of Colorado’s 14-ers, and she also enjoys dancing and laughing with her partner, and traveling as much as she can.
phone: 720-378-4325



Emily Wilson, LPC, ATR

Adolescent and adult therapist

Emily works with adolescents, families and adults facing challenges ranging from depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, social and relationship struggles, life transitions and more while using a strength-based lens. Emily uses a variety of modalities in her work, including Art Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

When she’s not busy with her therapy practice, Emily enjoys creating leather journals, beaded bracelets, and painting. She has two young children and loves playing with them.
phone: 720-513-6156



Harmony Barrett-Isaacs, MA, LPC

Adolescent, adult, and family therapist

Harmony is a mindfulness based therapist with experience in cognitive behavior therapy and somatic based trauma work. She works with adolescents, young adults, adults, and families with teenagers. She is experienced in working with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, transitions, relationships issues, communication, and trauma.

Harmony’s days are a chaotic dance, filled with two young daughters, partnership, work, a dog, movement, cooking, play, sleep, friends and family.
phone: 303-717-9785



Samantha Pugh, LCSW

Early childhood, pregnant/postpartum, and family therapist 

Samantha specializes in infant, early childhood and maternal mental health. She works together with caregivers and young children (0-7 years old) to focus on early trauma, behavior management, relationship challenges and attachment disruptions. She also does individual work with pregnant and postpartum mothers suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She is trained in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Circle of Security Parenting models.

In her free time, Samantha enjoys hiking, bluegrass music, and spending time with her two exasperating-yet-wonderful children.
phone: 303-859-5930



Alyson Jiron, MA

Couples and Adult therapist

Alyson has a mindfulness based approach to therapy. She works with individual adults and couples struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, domestic violence, transitions or simply a desire to find more peace and happiness in their lives. 

Although she has taught parenting classes for 10 years, her two teenage daughters are a constant reminder that parenting is not something we ever get ‘right’ or complete successfully. She specializes in working with parents so that they can meet challenges as they arise and find self care, compassion, connection and resilience along the way.
phone: 720-314-1433



Kris Isaacs, MA, LPC, CACII

Teens, young adult, and adult therapist/coach

Kris addresses the needs of those who are struggling with substance use/abuse/exploration, anxiety, depression, executive function issues, life balance and people who are seeking greater purpose and meaning in life. Kris integrates Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, Somatic-Based trauma work, and Brainspotting in his therapeutic approach.

Kris is passionate about the therapeutic interaction between humans and nature, especially in regards to the conservation of and healing capacity of wolves. Along side his wife, he is raising two daughters to feel and appreciate their own power and responsibility to be stewards of the earth.
phone: 303-668-3943



Kathy Temple, MA, MS, LPC

play and nature-based child and parent therapist

Kathy draws upon decades of experience working with children and uses a unique blend of nature and play based therapies to help kids ages 5-11 manage symptoms of anger/anxiety. Kathy also assists parents in developing effective parenting skills.

When not in the office, Kathy can be found with her toddler in tow, spending time outdoors, laughing with her family and blissfully hiking along a river whenever the opportunity arises.
phone: 720-892-5699